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Venturi revolutionizes - literally - the way to envision the sale. We fell in love with the app and the visionary entrepreneur behind it, Rodolphe Meynier. Venturi was already in its 2nd version when discussions about its redesign began.

A dual mandate awaited us. The first: To polish the image of programmers in the eyes of our clients. You see, their confidence for the pros of coding was next to nothing! The history of their previous collaborations had made it so. It was said that "every time a programmer makes a decision, it's not the right one." Needless to say how the hearts of developers were badly bruised!

Entrepreneur qui pleure

Programmeuse assise sur la planète terre

The good thing about it all, was that we could learn from past mistakes and build new foundations from user feedback. The trick was just to move forward and not recreate the same product.

Our client also knew precisely what they wanted to develop while having certain questions. We therefore used their vision and the user experience to completely rethink the product.


Our client at Venturi is Rodolphe Meynier, his general manager and businesses strategy advisor. He runs Celsius Solutions and helps companies maximize their efforts and focus on the right customers. According to him, sales teams can spend 50% of their time on developing as little as 5% of the income. Venturi directly attacks these problems.

Simply put, Venturi is a sales effort management tool that integrates with commonly used CRMs.

It ensures the alignment of sales activities with clients, or prospects, with the highest income potential. This allows teams to spend energy proportional to the sales potential for any given customer.


After the first meeting with the client, we initially wanted to understand the inter-workings of the Venturi company. How will it create value for its customers? At this stage, we ensure that we understand the user's platform expectations. It's them we're thinking of. What are their needs and expectations? Why would they use Venturi? What would they take away from it?

After this thorough analysis, we established a budgetary and development structure. This included a list of features and potential behaviors to be created, in addition to a timeline. It's important to remember that building a software solution in agile mode also means challenging ideas, deadlines and priorities along the way! Thus meaning change on a constant basis.

To develop as much added value as possible while respecting our client's budget, we've divided the project into two phases:

  1. To develop the MVP (minimal viable product);
  2. To attack the advanced features.
Programmeuse assise sur la planète terre

Oh! But before going forward, do know you what a MVP is? It's actually rather common in technical terms. Simply put, the minimum viable product is a kind of prototype for the final product. Its goal is to create maximum value for minimum investment. Once ready, the MVP can be marketed and is used as a test with the users. It's as simple as that!

In the case of Venturi, when it came time to create the MVP, we challenged our customer on the proper features to be developed. We kept only those that presented maximum value for the user. Believe us, this exercise seems trivial, but it’s not a simple thing to do. Why?

  • It requires developers to fully understand the context and the client's business model. We must generate value for the users. (You may be tired of hearing about it, but it's of the utmost importance!)

  • This requires being technologically and strategically creative. We cannot achieve this without truly understanding the issues faced by users.

  • We could describe the work of the programmers as "trimming the fat." Their goal is that the MVP can be initially sold as is.

  • It all must be done by obtaining a consensus between all recipients. This is not always easy to do.

Programmeuse assise sur la planète terre

As you can imagine, the questions are constant during this stage. We must make difficult, but necessary decisions. Any technological start-up will tell you: The MVP cannot be created without compromise.

According to Venturi, our developers asked the right questions. They never made decisions without prior verification. Admittedly, three brains to think about the features were not too many! This ensures that numerous experiences, numerous visions and numerous skills were united for a heightened global understanding.

« I felt like this was a project close to their heart and one that they were invested in. I felt like it was our project, not just mine. It's of the utmost importance for a start-up! »

- Rodolphe Meynier, Venturi

We were able to define the features once the analysis was complete. We then created blocks, much like a puzzle, to prioritize the development of certain sections. Guess which ones... Those with maximum added value, obviously! As you may already understand, the user is always the focal point of the decisions.

Finally, we began the development. First, we tackled the design of the user interfaces and then the back-end.

« If there was a bug, I was offered several solutions and alternatives. The programmers showed intelligence in the execution. They delivered the project on time with an agile method. »

- Rodolphe Meynier, Venturi


It's well known: We eat challenges for breakfast! They multiplied exponentially during this project! The application had its fair-share of headaches during the design of user interfaces. A perfect mission for our UI and UX designers.

We leaned on structure and simplicity, two invaluable allies in ergonomics. We made a ton of drafts. It goes without saying: The simplification of interfaces is complex! We assembled some simple, colourful graphics that speak for themselves. If you only knew how much information they contain and how easily it can now be interpreted.

Images du logiciel

We also set up weekly meetings with the client. The tasks were prioritized as we went along and we specified more features throughout the project. They were analyzed before being carried out (in relation to their level of security, visuals and functionality). This made it possible to keep the budget tight and develop the right thing every time. This is the kind of expertise that we bring to the table on a regular basis.

Programmeuse assise sur la planète terre

Despite our client's loaded schedule, they considered that this was the right solution to allow for the work to progress at the proper pace and to move the project forward within realistic deadlines, even though it was slightly insane for us.

« It was satisfying to see that the project was moving forward at the beginning of each week. The communication was great, the guys even laughed at my jokes! »

- Rodolphe Meynier, Venturi


Just because we're a gang of programmers, doesn't mean that we can't be sensitive as well! We're truly happy with the partnership created with Venturi. We built an outstanding relationship with the client. This relationship is the basis of our success and the reason why the MVP is now ready to be sold! It's important to state that the relationships forged with our clients are embedded in our values and profound convictions. I mean profound, really profound!

« Robi, the president of TLM listens to entrepreneurs, he knows our reality, he's understanding, but knows how to put pressure in the right place. Beyond the deliverable, it's the relationship that we build that makes the difference. I believe that the fact that the account manager is a programmer, makes all the difference in the world. »

- Rodolphe Meynier, Venturi


The close relationship between the client and the developers makes all the difference when it comes to building an MVP. It enables us to see beyond the client's expectations and create the solution that is the perfect answer to the user's needs AND the entrepreneur's corporate objectives.

« I have now reached a new level of reconciliation with the developers! »

- Rodolphe Meynier, Venturi

This was the most beautiful thing that Rodolphe said to us. Anything beyond that and our heads would stay permanently inflated! We quickly came back down to earth, we still had work to do! However, we were still extremely pleased.

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